(T. Beechey)

Here within your shadow

Is where I choose to dwell

It's the only place I know

That words can never tell

I wish I could stay forever

But I know the day shall come

When the ties between us sever

And we return to where we're from

Here within your shadow

Is now a home to me

As I bask within the warm glow

Of your sincerity

If I had a million chances

I would never seek to leave

Cause I've discovered what enhances

My reason to believe

All my life I've wondered

What my existence meant

As the rolling clouds thundered

Over everywhere I went

Till,finally,I found reason

In the shadow of your soul

Where the echoes of each season

Resonate and make me whole

And,until then,I'll remain here

With a smile upon my face

With not a drop of rain near

This sacred,hallowed place

Here within your shadow

Is just where I belong

And the day that I must go

Is the day when life is wrong

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heatherburns35's picture

Love here within your shadow. You are quite a writer.
I enjoy your work very much. Very nice pen. Within
the right persons shadow, is a nice place to be.
Thanks for sharing.