(T. Beechey)

Hold me tight, let me know

Everything will be okay

As I wander to and fro

Through my dreams of yesterday

Help me see, take my hand

Every step along the way

Right beside you I will stand

Do not let me go astray

Have you ever seen the moonlight echoed through a twilight breeze

Across the shade of midnight? This is what my spirit sees

Have you ever heard the whisper etched upon a starry eve

Resonated just as tender? Darling, this I do believe

Always let me know you're near

When the skies turn cold and gray

Next to you, I feel no fear

Must be why I choose to lay

Close to you through it all

Mindless of the price to pay

Until the angels come to call

Regardless of our journeys' sway

At another point in time, would we have come to be

Neatly wrapped up in the rhyme meant for only you and me?

Circumstances came along, me and you came apart...

Unless you count the strong recollections in our hearts

Destiny will scale the wall

You and I, as one, shall stay

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Delectable ode, raw and exposed. :)