(T. Beechey)

For only a moment...

There once was peace just for a while
All the fighting ceased and the people smiled
There once was joy but not for long
Each girl and boy joined together in song

For only a moment,the rainbow showed
All the clouds went further down the road
The sunlight glistened as the bells would ring
And we all listened to the whipporwill sing

There once was laughter and everyone lived
Happily ever after with whatever He'd give
There once was pleasure throughout the land
And the greatest treasure was a long-held hand

For only a moment,any teardrops shed
Were ones of plentiful ease instead
In a world which gleamed and glittered anew
Upon gentle dreams for me and you

There once was peace,there once was joy
Like the faded crease of a snuggled toy
Laughter and pleasure once reigned supreme
But just for a measured instant,it seems ---

For only a moment...

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