Pure Aftermath

Unique Poems

My lyrics is da statement // yeah the beat is the bomb // so let's start a war babygirl & show this word some harm // like chewbacka on Ramadan packing bombs in carry ons // I'm here to send a message that grows quicker then hairy arms // & spreads faster then napalms // as u begin to listen you start to gasp out carbon bombs // saying peace to all the haters wa alaykum musalaam // you don't need to let the world fuck you over no more // take control of your life & be gone with that whore // no more slitin wrist no more crying at night // no more anger build ups // no more starting a fight // I'm trying let you see that the darkness is yet so bright // people of all color & race let's all unite // let's impact this planet like a meteorite // let's show this universe why we're born to live long // in peace & in gratitude let's all become strong // cause no more do I wanna hear the question " dam do I belong ?"


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