3 Rules Of Love

Unique Poems

Stress da life // stress da love // stressed // wen all dis stress jus comes to shove // 3 rules of love // respect, trust & us // is dat to much to ask for my love // with out no trust there's no respect & with no respect da love slowly fades // all 3 of these rules u must obey // a niqqa get tired of tellin his girl wat to do // I'm trying to be ur man // not ur father too // love can't last on jus love alone // I'm sorry to say but this truth has been shown // so ima take a break from da stress to focus on skool // & trust me wen I say I'm not trying to be cruel // I jus need time to regain my fuel //& baby u will always be my jewel // so jus try to understand where I'm coming from // becuz my vision is set on da outcome.


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