Blue Valentine (version 1)

This girl man shes so beautiful she rips me apart // but dats wen she saw my inside & fell in love with my heart // She often wondered why I had a heart of silver & blue // i told her baby its because it's filled with emotions of you // all the love is just so much to endure // it's clogging my heart // but that // I choose to ignore // cuz baby girl i just love you so ever more // yea im your valentine // your blue valentine // i hope our love will last forever both in space & time // & with our love entwined & our hearts aligned let's make love on this beach beneath the moonshine // lets show the world what true love really is down by the shoreline // baby girl just know that ur name is always written in my heart line // & as long as I'm with you my heart will always be blue cuz when it comes to you my love will always stay true // & as you open ur eyes and awaken to the sunshine // just know I will be there besides u // ur forever valentine <3


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem on valentines day ; i wrote 2 versions to it, this is part 1. let me know what you think.

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