(Verse 1) 

I miss you when you're not gone

It feels so right it must be wrong 

We make love so beautifully

Makes me wanna get down on one knee 


That Gucci that new Chanel 

 Must admit you wear it well

But ain't no point to put it on 

When you gon take it off 



Everything is backwards...backwards...backwards (Wards)

Backwards everything is backwards...backwards...backwards (Wards)

Backwards Everything is backwards e..everything is backwards 

(Verse 2) 

Love to see that booty when you leave

But I'm tryna make you stay

It's the Way You Make Me Feel

Got me quotin' Michael J 


Just wanna hold you in my arms 

Cause I want you for real 

I want your mind, body and soul

So what's it gonna be deal or no deal


Ain't just about the sex baby

Really wanna make you my lady

Got me feelin' some type of way

I don't want you to stray

Ain't no danger here in my arms 

I just wanna keep you safe from harm

And I don't wanna lose you

And I won't let you go

Oh no no ooohh ooh (No no ooohh ooh)


Make your clothes disappear magician 

Me plus you equals love addition

Caught you hook, line and sinker I'm fishin' 

Baby there's some things I must confess

Like when I'm with you I feel no stress

Made it this far so I must pass the test

Cause baby you're the best..I ever had...Drake 

Destiny's Child Say My Name Beyonce

Got me so Drunk In Love I must say

Isn't She Lovely...Stevie Wonder

Got me on top while you're under..neath me

Teasing me pleasing me, loving me 

Ain't no Superman but I can take your hand 

And makecyou feel like no one else can

What more could you ask for

Nothin' but the best 

Nothin' more nothin' less 

(Back To Chorus) 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I spent all night literally all night writing this song. I definitely felt more an RnB vibe with Chris Brown in mind. Can't hear him singing this song already?!

Beatnik1979's picture

Very smooth

it certainly has the groove of an excellent R & B song..

well done and well written!

What chords were you thinking for the accompanyment?

ThatSingerSongwritergirl's picture

Honestly I'm not quite sure

Honestly I'm not quite sure yet I spent literally all of last night just writing the lyrics from start to finish. Couldn't play my axe cause my sisters were sleeping lol Glkad you enjoyed the song btw

allets's picture

I Liked The Bridge

write on - allets