Just As Litter On The Street Corner


Standing there, on the outside

Catching the heavy scent of desperation lingering about,

The stink of pure survival is one that can't be easily shielded from when your standing here, exposed to the open, unforgiving air without a tinted window to hide behind.

Symbols of opportunities lost and sympathy never regained are sprayed all throughout this hollow place,

Plastered, with a statement as bold as that flashy yellow billboard beside me of hypnotic allure,  0% financing indeed my friend.

There's little to do out here, just as a curse never-lifted,

Just as litter on the street corner, I sit here and look around

Looking at you

Leering back at me with a look of caution

While in the safety of your SUV, the silent sentinel of the road, sitting ever so closely next to loving Daddy and cuddly Teddy, so oblivious to the world

Hi there

I won't hurt you

Just keep in mind little one, that innocence can and will always be lost again...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oh what wonders your mind can conjure up when waiting for a late bus...

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ugonna's picture

May the haves, indeed, remember
and nourish those of us living
in the shadows, the poor of the
earth; but certainly not poor
in spirit:

This all I feel reading this
thoughtful piece!


gentle's picture

Well, now, I can definitely relate to this one as a frequent rider of the big edmonton community taxi.

I particularily liked the line: "0% financing indeed, my friend"

Such a funny, yet bitter little thought that might just cross the mind of the one shivering & waiting.

A really modern urban piece that I truly enjoyed...


Gentle is the night♥