Stuck, Sitting Somewhere


Knowing that you're about to cry

Hope has frailed far too long

Stuck, sitting somewhere

Shuttering, shaking, drenched in sadness, in cold fear

You blink, trying to catch that fallen tear

Not knowing if you're going to resolve yourself, looking around for a new approach

Because you've always known that this, what you have now, was never meant to be...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A collection of thoughts when having to fight the battle of uncertainty

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Violet Carolina's picture

my take on this is someone who knew the path was probably wrong when they took it and now, the expected tears flow. i was at this exact place just months ago. what a tough realization when the blinders come OFF! thanks, v.

gentle's picture

A very sensitive piece!!! This hits the nail right on the head...the feelings,the questions..

Each one of your poems are very unique which is part of the enjoyment of reading.

keep on posting & thanks for letting me know what's new.


Gentle is the night♥