When Theres No One At Home

There's an empty feeling inside when the most jubilant time of your life is instead contrary to the light

Having been unphased by the rapture that surrounds you and regretting not having the drive to mime the flock of cackles

Looking down at your feet, noticing that the one solitary shadow below is only the reflection of your desirelessness

The cycle where no one desires you and you desire none of the litter is costly towards your last strains of optimism

Yet you still crave, you have the need for a body, a human body, any warm body to lay, or to have

Or to use just as how you've seen and heard from the veterans of this dispicable arena.

Yet you somehow remain to live, having the smog of reluctantancy to cloud your sense of initiative

Willingly, allowing even the slightest chance to pass on, with you accompanied with your lowly shadow below



That's the life you have to live when there's no one at home to say hello

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Teresa Jacobs's picture

I feel every bit of your pain and loneliness. Very emotional. Your every emotion conveyed with ease. Nice. I like your style of writing.

Brian Richard Tucker's picture

I loved this poem,it mad me remember the time I was alone and I can relate strongly to this on. Brian