Scratch (January day 30)

when no one is here

all the words slip through the cracks inside me

gray matter turning toward the light


and you would think

I should love my brain for that

but there are too many unwelcome visitors

that have named it as their walls


you are still scratching me but you don’t have claws

I can feel the scars I don’t have yet

like they’re the only way I will survive


silver linings found on gold-plated lies

if this is the only thing I ever know

I will never wear that jewelry again


you said no strings attached?


now I am tied up and choking

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/30/21

silver linings found on gold-plated lies

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There's Always Strings


Too many people date and think it okay to brng their laundry to your house to wash.