Jumping Out Windows


Did I tell you something too freeing

Did I sing you a soundtrack

before you heard it

Because I think I saw you in the distance

and I’m dreaming like

I will never run out of time.


I have words I use too much

and ones I’ll never say

but I would sooner explode with empty

than take it all in

and never exhale.


Did you touch me somehow

before I thought you did

because I never liked

holding this space

so I was looking for

hands that fit mine

and I have stopped



Have you read everything in me

Because I’m dreaming like my heart’s

jumping out windows

It’s like you told me recently

to cross the ocean for you

and I know as soon as I did

I would not fall in love with the airplane

but with what surrounds it

this blue I can almost touch.


Did I tell you I need you

Did I say something wrong

or something right

Did I sing some kind of truth

Because I’m dreaming like

forever is tomorrow

and even if I’m shattering

I still might see the stars


isn’t that how they say

this wonderful world began?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/6/18

Thanks for reading :)

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