Tell me what you see


Sitting here the moments are sped up

and I can fit all of us into broken bottles,

a beautiful saltwater time capsule,

we would glint off the sky like perfect ghosts.


Sitting here the moments are slowed down

and I can feel what my laughter sounds like in your head

like yours in mine,

echoing off the air and

we breathe it like we don’t need anything else.


Tell me what you see.


Good luck,

better smiles,

tears like spending this precious time,

not knowing how much we don’t know,

this is how I love you,

things we wish would never change.


If I had these nights again 

I would hit rewind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/14/17

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ginsywilde's picture

This is a very good poem

This is a very good poem about love. The rhythm and the srtucture are fine, too. Kudos!

I have a new poem called "Rebirth". I would really appreciate it if you'd read it and post a comment ( . I would very much like to hear some insights from you.