Living Like This


One glance at the wind outside and I’m there,

chills spread through me straight from my chest

at a summit I thought I would never reach


I drench your outline in fireflies

so I can paint it even in the dark,

giving up is only tempting until nothing else is enough


Never thought I would be living like this,

wanting to wake up to you more than anything else,

I try to talk to my blessings but they all sound like you


You cover the floor so I can’t sit down

Holding myself up till I’m breathing like a hurricane

Something always caught in the tears in my eyes


I try to count but I get stuck on your mind

turning all the pieces over when I try to sleep alone

It’s my fault I’m falling and living like this

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/16/17

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"...I try to talk to my blessings..." a rich line. Full to bursting for all of us. I count them, appreciate them, contemplate them, stand inside them, pray for them, hope, cry, plead for them. Blessings - when the flip side quiets down a bit.