Volcano (day 160)


we are all moons

and my sister is a volcano



we are all blue

and my sister explodes red


and we’re still shuddering

as her meteorite screams through everyone’s atmosphere


and now that you’ve seen me alone

I will keep you from her as long as I can

so you don’t leap from this ledge

just to land straight in her arms


you are so much like me

but you don’t want to kiss a mirror

and she is something you will never understand


we are all moons

but I don’t want to rise


I want to stop being a metaphor

I want to stop being the wrong metaphor

I want to know that I could kill you if I wanted

she walks with that destruction and doesn’t even feel its weight

Even when she’s erupting

she has more magic than we’ve ever held


She can melt everything your skin tries to protect

but it hurts like longing

I can only give you a cold embrace,

they call me beautiful

but only in the dark

only because they know they can’t know me


I want to stop being the wrong metaphor

When I’m wounded

I want to bleed searing lava

not the soft glow of starlight,

no one ever writes about the sky being fierce

I am just

vast and

beautiful mystery

and I want to be

a volcano

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/3/17

Cold embrace

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lizardking's picture

i want to stop being the wrong metaphor

i felt this, i really like the juxtapositions are the beginning

allets's picture

"...I am just vast and beautiful memory..."

As if you were the sky - wonder filled lines like, "...you don't want to kiss a mirror..." Unique writing, original. Enjoyed the compartive compliments - exposure and protectiveness, and unveiled envy - there is a lot here - slc