In Your Boxes


It’s not hard to for you to make me laugh,

it’s not hard to make me cry

So throw me in your boxes

and bring me out when you feel high


Keep me locked up with the others

Keep us hanging by a thread

You know we’ll stay here beside you

you’ve put fools inside our heads


It’s simple for you to be charming

It’s simple to be just like you

But it’s not simple to be on my end

you disappear and I try to find you


It’s easy for us to be witty and smooth

It’s easy to be brave around you

But it’s not easy to leave here

wishing I’d never fell for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/10/16

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Psysped's picture

Love the "box" and "fools in

Love the "box" and "fools in the head" metaphors!

Finsmojo's picture

It's very interesting how the

It's very interesting how the people we love form their boxes around us, trapping us in. Very good poem, loved it keep writing! :)