Isn’t it a shame

that you’ll never see the world

through anyone else’s eyes?


They can float­­­­ on trophies

Crowned in worlds you’ll never see

They can capsize every boat you

ever dreamed of captaining

They can drench love on whoever they want

And even if they slip two rungs

they still have two mountains on you.


You hope that at the end of the day

everyone you love will be intact,

every thought you have will be clear

and maybe someday you’ll get more tokens to turn into wishes than them


You hope that someday you can speak

about the lines in your life that are still blurred.


But still, there’s a world outside your window

waiting for your footprints, and


You can shape your own portal

You can spill out words on paper

You can remake constellations


Isn’t it beautiful

that the only way you’ll ever see the world

is with your own eyes?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/13/16

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this is nice. Individuality

this is nice. Individuality all the way! But it sometimes turns out those mountains crumble in time not meant for them.

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I Loved The Bookcasing

dA wish to see from another perspective, a celebration to see with clarity an wonder. Enjoyed the voyage. Keep writing, spilling the mind on the page and constellation making are worthy endeavors! - Stella