Make a Wish (what I want you to be)


It’s not that I can’t decide

who you are,

though I can’t.

It’s that I can’t decide

what I want you to be.


Maybe a diamond,

or a seashell,

or a plain old rock

to skip across the lake.


Maybe a square

that I can count on

to be constant,

or a shapeshifter.


Maybe a breath,

or a blink,

or an open road.


Maybe pure color,

or black and white,

or somewhere in between.


Maybe summer,

or spring,

or snowball fights.


Maybe a heist,

maybe a dream.

Maybe insanity.


Maybe a twilight

with a bonfire,

or a view,

maybe just a moment.


Maybe a lighthouse,

or a rescue ship,

or a canopy

just to keep out the rain.


Maybe a hero,

or a white knight,

or a human.


He whispers,

Make a wish,

and I would

if I knew what to wish for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/8/16

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allets's picture


Light verse, easy read. Loved

"a human". :D