Common Ground


I can’t, I want to know you

before the next sunrise

But I’m a million miles away

and I can’t pretend to realize

When it seems like I know you

inside and out

you toss something else, trust me

to catch your secret shout


I’m worried that I’m not enough

I’m worried you think I’m worth it

And when I look back at other loves

I’m worried you’re too different


I can’t keep you from drowning,

I can only go down with you

Don’t trust me with your broken mind

I’m bruised and broken too


I would save you, kiss you, if I could

instead I’ll set you free

Turn your back, walk far away

Don’t you worry about me


Don’t go forgotten, climb

up toward what you could be

Dig yourself out of this hole

before you go loving the likes of me


We can’t ever recreate this feeling

We can’t come back around

Maybe in a century after we both live a life

we’ll find some common ground

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/2/16

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Sassylass's picture


Smooth,congruent with honesty.

fresh poem!

wonderful writing TSG!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....