I can't have you and be free.


I used to cover the whole

world, but what I couldn’t see


was that my leash just went that

far, wrapped around your center of gravity


because you wanted me to

see everything I’d be missing


when you reeled me in like a

dog with a tucked tail


But you made me choose

and it tore me apart


Running to the edge of the earth in my

dreams, I’ll drown myself in aqua blue


and hope that choosing is

no more evil than your eyes,


the eyes that once held mine

like they were rare and needed and beautiful and I


should have known, I’m not

rare just a human who has to


make selfish decisions like this one,

but then again the aqua blue has


told me exactly what I need,

I want your sweet breath


and bare infinities and intense

perfection, but I need to be


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/21/16

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