The Sound Of Crimson

Stay with me until birds stop singing,

in the spring their songs will bring dreams.

Hold me until shadows can speak,

let their silence be our strings.

There at the foot of the mountain,

that is where our journey begins.

As the clouds muffle the peak,

I hear sounds of the violin's

Dance with me to the music

and it will play our favorite song.

Reflect off it's face of water

a goose in love with a swan.

It's the sweetest sound of crimson

and it makes me want to climb.

"Through those clouds is where it lies",

cries, the love of a life-time.

My heart is a musical instrument

and you my love are the breeze.

Let us play like we're in autumn

and then dance to scatter the leaves.

Lady, stay with me until forever

and where I live, I'll exist.

Please humor me with endeavor

an empty handed violinist.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For one to ever truly love again sometimes one must die like a tulip dies each season only to grow into another flower vased!

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J9thxciv's picture

Exquisitely beautiful!


[* /+/ ^]

DeAnna Shaddy's picture

I liked everything about this poem. Newness, beauty where
one would least expect it....passionate. =O) Good job.

Deborah Russell's picture

The poem is a beautiful expression and the author's comments awakening and inspiring. Thanks for posting on Postpoems.