Rainy Day.

Rain whispers through the trees

polishing each glistening leaf

casting a light veil

across all imperfections,

falling upon the palms of

thirsting grass, where

every bloom has raised its face

to catch each perfect drop.

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Nothing like a rain shower to

Nothing like a rain shower to wash away all the dust and pollen so we can breathe better and feel reborn. You captured it beautifully. Thank you for the sweetwater, Sweetwater Smile

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Appreciate your comment and

Appreciate your comment and the Sweetwater link, :-) Pleased you liked the poem Thank You x sue.

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  A wonderful shower of


A wonderful shower of words to green the imagination and beg a rainbows appearance. Very nice. 

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Thank you very much :-) sue.

Thank you very much :-) sue.

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Thoroughly fell into this poem with the imagery that so  marvelously and economically balances visuals and the experiencing of rainfall. Grass does indeed have thirsty palms. "glistening" is the wiprd that adds dimension, bloomfaces adds invited mere humans to participate anthropomorphically inside a genttle brush stroked personification. Minimalism is aluve in this naturalist viewing, a mergimg of senses and onjects interacting, foeminf a motion-painting. Bravo. Your best ever! and I am a huge fan iof this work.




Lady A


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Wow, thank you so much

Wow, thank you so much Stella, I so admire your writing skills and to hear this from you is marvellous. Thank You. Sue.

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I like this evocation of a

I like this evocation of a pleasant rainfall.


[* /+/ ^]

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Thank you Starward, sometimes

Thank you Starward, sometimes rainy days can be lovely. sue.

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god feeding his flock

god feeding his flock

ron parrish

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Absolutely, and doing it so

Absolutely, and doing it so wonderfull. :-) sue.