I Had Hoped...

I hoovered all the floors

today, just in case you came

I didn't really think you would,

but did it all the same.


The polish and the duster

made every surface bright,

I didn't really think you'd come,

but hoped that you just might.


I set the kettle on the stove to

whistle out its song

and checked the biscuits in the tin,

in case you came along.


But now the day is almost done

dark shadows carve the wall,

and though I rather hoped you would

you didn't come to call.

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Thank you Stephen that's a

Thank you Stephen that's a lovely thought :-)

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We Wait

Great theme for 2021. They will show up. Hope is believing. 
Good one! ~ Stella 



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They will show up, just when

They will show up, just when I'm not expecting them and there's fur on the carpet and paw prints all over the leather sofa!

Always the way :-)) 

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A Very Pleasant Read

While reading this poem, I had vague memory traces of this happening to me. There was something very familiar, but I just couldn't quite put my finger on it. Nicely constructed.

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Thank you, you'll probably

Thank you, you'll probably remember what the memory was at some weird moment, and then wonder why you have thought of it, so apologies in advance :-))  sue xx

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and i`m sure it was his

and i`m sure it was his loss

loved the poem

ron parrish

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There was no 'he' involved,

There was no 'he' involved, hasn't been for over 20 years. It was my family :-) I'm very pleased you enjoyed the poem :-) sue.

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There's a beauty to the

There's a beauty to the sorrow here, a beauty that I think makes sorrow sometimes worthwhile, and of course we know that beauty is breathed love. And in all these seemingly small acts, you breathed love, and may it's beauty - which is yours - be your solace.

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Thank you, that is such a

Thank you, that is such a lovely comment, It was Valentine's Day so that probably had a lot to do with it, everyone else busy.

sue :-)

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You're quite welcome, Sue. A

You're quite welcome, Sue. A beautiful write and reflection, once again. Wishing you all the very best. :)