Jackie Blurs By Me

Jackie blurs by me on a screaming locomotive and she's screaming too "late baby maybe we might have... but you know we aren't gonna be kids forever and have inexperience to use as the scapegoat for every little pang of desire that didn't go unheeded, because really baby, we're smarter at this very moment than we're ever going to be and maybe you were cute in your sweater and socks but i was waiting for an over-the-counter kiss and maybe a roll in the grease when we kicked over the trash bucket and had a public bonanza killer mad style love that just blows your mind deep and hard and hot and fast just the way i might have liked it

but hey, you know what they say about the ill affects on your health (cancer-causing, maybe) when you regret the things you never did so let's pretend like we never smiled conspiratorially with wine tones in our dripping voices and you were just an ugly kid buying his supper and sitting quietly with his mother in a hall of fresh-lipped pink-tongued lovers who never squander an opportunity to showcase their goods and maybe act from the depths of the most intelligent stupidity they'll ever know because they're just feeling like it and feeling it up real good (boy are they ever)

so that's it, nothing happened (like it usually does) in this cosmic sized dry well of a town, city, world and that's the story of your life - you've written a whole book about something that could have been said in so many words.  and you've still got pictures of some other lives that seemed so vibrant and fleshy and wet that you'd almost swear they were real once, and who can tell?  it gets hard to separate the Was from the dream lustered Might Have Been, but i've got faith in you - you're too cute to just go and die unnoticed."

and with that she's gone headlong into steam

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This conversation never actually took place.

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ohhhh baby. Okay. I have completely constructed these conversations as well, but it just puts too much on the line, mister! Go with the flow. Don't make yourself get hurt. All the same, this is a fantastic romp in the land of what might be. Finis.