All apologies

All apologies

By jfarrell


(Kurt Cobain, Nirvana - genius band - “what else should I be? All apologies)


I’m not like you; sorry; I so wish I was;

I can’t feel, think, look, act like you;

I can’t be what you want;

I can only be me.

My very humblest apologies.


I can explain precisely, in detail, why;

But, would it matter?

You need me to reflect something of you

But I can only reflect my own emptiness;

I am so very terribly sorry.


Mum; mother; mater; ma; Kathy;

I am so very sorry you carried for nine months;

Hoping for that baby girl you’d always dreamed of;

But, I was born a boy;

Please forgive me, I am so very sorry.

So very lonely.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

whats sadder (or stupider) - i still want to hear my mum say 'i love you' - i haven't seen the bitch in 25 years, and i ain't starting now - so, she cant

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