News for You

News for You

By jfarrell


People of Britain,

I’ve got news for you;

It ain’t about left or right;

It’s about right and wrong.


“If we don’t get brexit, there’ll be riots…” WRONG!

When you make threats, you devalue democracy;

“we have low wages because of immigrants…” WRONG!

You have low wages because your boss can get away with it.


The World watches as we try to welch on our commitments;

And the World wants to do business with Britain?

“Have cake and eat it.”

How arrogant.


This once great nation, a refuge, a home to all,

Has become a cesspit of lies and hate;

I’ve got news for you, Britain,

The World is watching,

Or are you too stupid to see that?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just don't understand the hate

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