By jfarrell


Even the sand flowing through the hourglass

Echoes ‘tick-tock’,

When it lands.

He’s catching up; your time is running out.


I may be pressing ‘send’ on my phone;

The alarm on the timer says ‘beep, beep’

But its still ‘tick-tock’;

My, our, time is running out.


‘I’m a clockwork creep’; 10cc are so under-rated;

Clockwork; digital; psycho…

Us clockwork creeps; we all sing ‘tick-tock’;

As we press buttons that lesson our time.


Don’t look behind - just RUN!

You heard the ‘tick….’

Maybe you can run far enough; fast enough;

And not hear the ‘TOCK!’


I saw someone make it, once;

I saw someone dance through raindrops;

Drip-drip; Tick…… and POW!

Gone before I could ‘Tock’.


As a bomb, that’s very frustrating :-)

I wish you all rainbows, my friends :-)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

time ticks down

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I Love A Great Time Write!

I keep thinking of Harlan Ellison's "Repent Harlequin, Sayeth The Ticktockman. Marvelous insights here - inhaled this one, fellow clockwork creep. :D - allets -