Two Wishes

Two Wishes

By jfarrell


Found a dust-covered lamp;

Gave it a wipe down, might get more if it looks shiny;

Then, BOOM, explosion of light

Green, flourescent slug floats before me.


“You have summoned me! My time is short!

You have three wishes, wish away….”

Well, I was somewhat taken aback,

Not exactly an everyday occurrence.


Slug thumps its tail, as if it were a foot,

Raises an egg-timer;

“My time is short! I did mention that, yes?”

“A job that pays enough….”


“Granted! Next wish!”

You gotta help guys,

The green glowing slug thing still here,

And he don’t look the patient type.


A job that pays enough, is my only wish,

Only need;

I still have two wishes left;

They are my gift to you.


The future lies in you, not in me;

What do you wish?

I just wish to get work and regain control of me, my life

And that’s rather selfish.


The last two wishes, I give to you;

But this slug doesn’t look patient.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

the exits are here.... here.... here... and.... errr.... here! :-)

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