I don’t wanna be me

I don’t wanna be me

   By jfarrell


I don’t wanna be me;

I don’t know how it works;

I press the buttons,

But… that’s not what I meant, how I meant.


All around me,

People get on with life;

They have their personal disasters,

Their worries and anxieties


But, they get on with it;

I want to, too;

I don’t wanna be me no more;

Useless waste of space


And not “drunk” - waste of space, yeah,

But ‘drunk’ has always been an excuse;

But, it’s never been the reason;

I don’t know how it works…


I press the buttons…

I smile, coz it’s what I’m spose to do,

But what comes back is meaningless;



I don’t wanna be me,

But I don’t know how to be someone else;

And I don’t know how to pretend to be better than me;

Coz, I’m me.


I guess we’ve all been there, right?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

can i be you, please? :)

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I Gotta Be Me

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