Desperately seeking for …

Desperately seeking for …

By JFarrell





I’ve looked behind the curtain and under the bed;

My rucksack and fridge are bereft of any presence;

Nowhere to be seen at the local shopping mall;

And the library was a really good guess, but no, not there

(Of all places, should have been the library).


I retrace my steps; I gotta find…

Outside my front door, down the stairs, to my newsagents;

No…. no, and…… no

Where the bloody hell….

I KNOW, around here, somewhere…



Ok, another idea - visualise it, that’ll help you find it;

Great idea… just one problem…

What the hell does inspiration look like?

The reason, the need, the cause, the belief

To become that better person that my flaws deny.


Change is such a small word, sounds so simple,

Click your fingers and “POW”, I’m superman, Einstein, whoever

Who I am, what I am, isn’t good enough

So change I must

And if you could point me in the direction of inspiration


I’d be very grateful    :-)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

the magic pill is around here somewhere :-)

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