i can tell tales of woe

I can tell tales of woe

By Jfarrell


I can tell tales of woe

Make you cry

Make you hurt

Make you wish

Things I won’t mention.


I can tell tales of destruction

I lit the match

Didn’t mean to, but,

Ashes, ruins, the stench of wet smoke,

How many of us are HERE? Right now?


But, I so wish..


Tales of hope I can do,

I know I need hope;

Tales of encouragement I can do,

I definitely need that.



All of YOU!

Will have to help me with

Tales of love,

I haven’t enough to remember

To recall,

To visualise,

To connect with the feelings…

An experience,

I must have had

Long ago



Author's Notes/Comments: 

if you like my stuff enough to read, thank you

don't know waht else to say