Goodbye Draper Valley

Cute (G)

To all my friends of the poultry world

In this frozen place that we’ve all been hurled

Spending hours more here than home

Bending knee, back, heart, and bone

Exchanging kind and less kind words

As we toss around stacks of frozen, dead birds

What a place we have made, what a place we have met

Forging new bonds I will never forget

And among gizzards, and livers, and boneless bird ends

Somehow, some way… we have all become friends

So now, though I may, this day, depart

I will miss you all

With all of my heart



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saiom's picture



a poem studded with detail..

it's no wonder that these places lose workers..

the pay is low, the injuries high,

the cold hard to take


Thank you for writing it



lyrycsyntyme's picture

You captured something

It's truly funny, in the strange, bizarre, and often unpredictable sense, the environments to which we are left to hold fond. How many a time all due to the human element. The connections we couldn't see coming but which will beg to our emotions a return to orbit when we go adrift, even when a must.