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I was Born in Chicago in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record. ...1955
Graduated from Fenton High School in Bensenville IL.
In 1973. Never enjoyed writing any stories or poems, hated writing book reports. But still managed to graduate.
Married in 1976 to my lovely wife, until Oct. 2013 when
She passed away after years of battling Heart and Lung disease .
In March of 2014, a slip on some ice, a bang on my head,
Turned into something more serious than first thought.
6 weeks later and 10 staples in my skull, I suddenly started to look at life differently .
Photographing nature, has always been a hobby of mine.
Sunsets, wildlife , Thunderstorms and other interesting cloud formations.
After recovering from my head injury, in the spring of
2014, while photographing a beautiful sunset , I was inspired to write about what I was feeling, the words in my head just started to rhyme. Ever since then writing poems has become my favorite pastime.
Only now just getting brave enough to share some with others who enjoy writing poems to express their inner most feelings. .
Some are short, some are silly, feel free to comment please.
I'm only doing this as a hobby, I enjoy writing these poems, and to express my feelings In a fun way. Once it becomes a chore and no longer fun for me, I'll no longer be writing. .

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I'll have to think about this one, but I'm up for the challenge .

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Nature, photography , Thunderstorms, hiking in the State Parks.


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