Saiom: Beati Misericordes . . .

[Matthaeus 5:7, Biblia Sacra Vulgata]


The onward, ongoing progress of your poetry

calls us to a new understanding of morality;

to new awareness of empathy;

and toward all of life, a vigorous courtesy.

You prompt us to eschew all cruelty,

that stubbornly innate streak of human perfidy.
Between past and future, presently,

we can---we must---improve our fidelity

to the servant-leadership that can be

the glory of our thriving destiny---

as bestowed upon us by the Divinity.


You remind me that a change of attitude

is never too late; nor is gratitude.



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Thank you S. I'm afraid if I took out all my criticism

of public figures I would have a quite truncated

list of poems.



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You are very kind, brilliant, and always interesting, Starward.

Thank you for being here on site. God give you a painless life, healing,

and a pen with an ever replenished supply of ink.



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Thank you so much for those

Thank you so much for those kind words.  You are a blessing to me.

Enjoy effulgent days,exquisite nights, unto

the exultations of Heaven.