Lenin Lies In His Tomb, Near Saint Basil's Cathedral

Saint Basil's Cathedral looks over Red Square.

Lenin's mausoleum is rather close to where

the Faithful witness stands.  Such a contradiction

is too bizarre even for the wildest fiction.

But such placement provides a poetic metaphor:

the devil, embalmed in evil, still seeks to settle his score

against God the undivided Trinity;

and, bound for hell, he lingers, still to search

for those whom he can lead, by means of temptation,

away from the Faith declared by the Orthodox Church;

the Word that she rejoices to proclaim and share---

as in her Divine Liturgy---

since Christ, Himself, ordained her holy foundation.

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re your poem

I have many objections to Putin including his cultivation of rightwing leaders around the world such as Bolsonaro of Brazil and his giving the US 4 years of Trump

but under Putin the Russian Orthodox church has flourished.



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Thank you for that

Thank you for that comment---I always appreciate hearing from you---and yes, I agree with you:  I, too, dislike Putin, for many reasons, but unlike Lenin, Stalin, and the other Dead Reds, he has allowed the Orthodox Church to resume its open ministry to the soul of Russia.  And the Orthodox Church canonized the Romanov martyrs and has provided them the honorale burial that they deserved, and of which they had been robbed by Lenin and his merry thugs.  Thanks again for commenting.

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