Lenin In Moscow

After the glorious proletariat Revolution,

Lenin did not live like a worker or peasant,

but dwelt in the Kremlin's sumptuous profusion

of appropriated luury,

in surroundings delightfully pleasant,

over which he raised the baleful "Red" Star.

There, like a vulture leering from its perch---

and as quick as eyes' blinks or passing breaths---

he condemned uncounted martyrs to horrible deaths;

those faithful of the Orthodox Church,

including the innocent children of the Czar.

Salute Comrade Lenin:  who, transparently,

did not conceal his vengeful hypocrisy;

and left us, as part of his legacy,

his carcass in that mausoleum, on display

for the ghoulish and foolish to gawk at every day.

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It didn't take long for

It didn't take long for Lenin's egalitarian dream to turn into a tyrannical nightmare. With sweeping power, you highlighted an era of stunning hypocrisy and oppression. I loved the shrewd way you described us as part of a legacy that is synonymous with "the carcass in that mausoleum". Brilliant word choices to drive home the gruesome insanity of it all. 


Unforgettable work. 

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Thank you so much.  And even

Thank you so much.  And even now, long after the Soviet Union's demise, he is still in there, still on display.  They tell me that even the Orthodox Church has demanded that Lenin's corpse be interred, but the government continues to thwart all attempts to remove him.  I don't know why.  That mausoleum is prime real estate; they could pull it down and put in a fast food carry-out.


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A whole history contained in one beautifully constructed poem. 

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Thank you so much for that; I

Thank you so much for that; I really, really appreciate it.


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