Footnote: Some Tanka For The Late Soviet Union And The Defunct Communist Party

The locomotive

of Soviet History 

has stalled:  out of steam,

boiler fires extinguished; both

throttle and brake malfunctioned.


Beneath debris, rails

rusted into brittleness,

or were sabatoged;

no longer able to bear

the weary motherland's loads.


The cab crew---Mayhem

and Bloodshed---abandoned their

posts, but are always

seeking emploment elsewhere

(glad to take entry level).


Even the queues at

Lenin's Tomb are down these days;

but some still go in---

to gawk at a long dead man,

too evil to decompose.




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Like the Chinese, the

Like the Chinese, the Russians still cling to pretend communism.  The Russians are more cutthroat capitalist than we are in America.

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Excellent observation.  I

Excellent observation.  I take what may perhaps be a minority view that their bad behavior, since 1918, has been the fruit of a poison tree, and the tree was made poisonous by the brutal murder of the Czar's son and daughters to satisfy Lenin's obsessive compulsion to personal vengeance for the execution of his older brother decades before.  Even though, presently, the communist party is defunct, it still continues---like a persistent ghost---to haunt the derelict house that it once openly dominated.


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