+ 27.225 MHz 325: After Psalm 147:1-4

Our Lord rebuilds, for us, Jerusalem.

He repairs the entropic damage that mars

our souls' peace that this world likes to condemn.

Our exile from His Temple's courts will not long last.

Though our faith sometimes falters, and every hope thins,

the sum of the multitude of forgiven sins

is not retained.  God knows the number of His stars,

of all His atoms, and all the cosmic powers;

but as for all that wrongdoing of ours,

Redemption covers them, like a gushing fount

eagerly distributing the flow and depth of Grace,

to tide us to Him, from every time and place;

forgiveness levels every debt's account;

a glorious future shall rise from a shattered past.




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A stirring illumination of

A stirring illumination of the promise of renewal. So much inspired wisdom courses "like a gushing fount" through these lines, washes away despair and elevates us far above the chaos and the pain. Your connection to the Divine and your resolve to overcome is transferred to us powerfully, beautifully, indelibly. This is a gift: one I accept with healing joy. 

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Thank you for those words. 

Thank you for those words.  Such validation from a Poet of your accomplishment does this old heart of mine a great deal of good.


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My pleasure! 

My pleasure!