At The Prospect Of The Solar Detonation

I wrote, some years ago, about the solar detonation

which may just blow the smaller, inner planets plumb apart,

or roast them to gray, ashen cinders in a conflagration.

At that time, the main sequence will careen to escalation:

but even this is just passing, local, cosmic fart.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I admire the cosmic poems and style of postpoems' finest, Patriciajj; and I hope this attempt a whimsy will not be offensive to her or to any others.

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The use of a classical,

The use of a classical, imperial style as irony was priceless in this delightful little frolic. Actually, you hit upon a surprisingly accurate metaphor! Smiling. And warm thanks for the shout out. I just cannot thank you enough for your support. 

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Thank you for the comment. 

Thank you for the comment.  As for the shout out, you have done so much for me, and your poems have meant so much to me, how could I possibly keep quiet about all that?


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