At The Local Greasy Diner

Short on couth, the short-order cook slings his hash together;
much like the trash you see airborne, during cyclonic weather.

And then the would-be, wanna-be, but never-be gourmet

intrudes on our conversation because he has to have his say.

He thinks he has a rare perspective, by scholars---not scorners---hunted;

and he cannot imagine that his words are most unwanted.

To private dialogues, he gives himself a full invite---

from himself to himself, and then he does not feel so slight.



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After setting the stage in

After setting the stage in the most artful way (all you needed was that one vivid image to say it all), we're introduced to that egocentric intruder we've all met before. A witty and relatable slice of life. 

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Thank you so much, and I sure

Thank you so much, and I sure do appreciate your comment.  


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