+ 27.225 MHz 170: LXXVI; Romans 8:19-21, John 3:16, And Colossians 1:17

I think Scripture teaches full restoration

of all that Christ deems His precious creation;

not just replacement; for what has existed

was made by Christ and has, in Him, consisted---

even each small atom of Hydrogen.

Decay and entropy will soon fail, when

Christ has proclaimed His Ultimate Victory;

even the pets we loved with fervency

will be present with us eternally.

The enemy will sear in sore damnation.

But we, who are redeemed in Christ's salvation,

will feel, within our souls, such exultation,

in the fellowship of the mystery,

and the grandeur of its spirituality.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This began as a quatrain about our pets in Heaven; it blossomed into a section of praise to become, not just a quatrain, but a sonnet.  I take this as confirmation that the original quatrain contains a truth which will blossom in celebration.

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This is a must read for

This is a must read for anyone in despair over this fragile existence and suffering the loss of a beloved animal companion. I believe this is why you were meant to write this, why it glistens with Devine hope and dances with triumphant light: because it was literally Heaven sent. 


It is also a precious devotion to the One who hasn't forgotten one sparrow in the entire span of Creation.


Energizing, glorious . . . a gift. 

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Thank you.  This one was not

Thank you.  This one was not composed or constructed; rather, part of it was received.  The original quatrain transformed right before my eyes, and my fingers were flying over the keyboard as I tried to keep up with the flow.  I still get shivers thinking about this experience.  Thank you for understanding, and validating, the poem and its provenance.  I have a lot of small companions who have gone ahead and, I believe, are awaiting my arrival, especially a thoroughbred  Cocker Spaniel. by the name of Monica, who had a huge sense of empathy and, if one can believe it in a canine, a wicked sense of humor.  She was my companion and my dear friend for fourteen years, and she delivered four litters of certified thoroughbred pups---the sale of which helped contribute to my college tuition.  And smart . . . when she was about six months old, she figured out how to steal a bone from our much older spaniel, and Monica did that successfully every time we were watching.  Despite that, they were very close, very bonded, very protective of each other, and of us.  


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