Excerpt From Dialogue In The First Act Of The Play, "The Grimoire, 'Scythe In Fury'"

[The setting is a costume ball, in open air pavillion, at night.

The sky is streaked with eerie astronomical phenomenon.

The Grimoirist appears in a disturbling garish costume; and is

ignored by the two long-haired Boys, each clad only in a thong,
and a pair of opaque stockings---lavender and magenta, respectively.

The Grimoirist intrudes upon the Boys, who seem to be excessively
attentive to, and preoccupied with, each other.]


Grimoirist:  I despise you, for your beauty, and your difference.

Lavender Boy:  You can neither enter, nor appropriate, the beauty between us.

Magenta Boy:  The difference of which you accuse us is indifference toward you.

Grimoirist:  My sons, and they are three, will assert my hegemony over all of you

                 My scythe shall descend to them in their warfares---

                 the hammered sickel, the whirling blade, the axe bundled in kindling.

                 They shall throttle the lives I have hated; they shall burn the bodies

                 of those I have trampled, until the smoke is thick enough to clot upon

                 the sky and choke the land.  This is the destiny for which I was chosen;

                 this is the exhortation and termination of History---embodied in the
                 City of my glory and rage, Scythopolis.




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A stunning first act where

A stunning first act where the beginnings of tyranny, built upon the legacy of loathsome autocrats throughout history, looms like a choir of demons. Gorgeously composed with an effective format, this thundering work has all the elements of greatness. Loving it. 

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Thank you so very much.  Your

Thank you so very much.  Your kind words always mean so much to me.


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