Disembodied Voices' Song, From The Play, "The Grimoire, 'Scythe In Fury'"

Where once the storm roared up to strike---

and brackish floods shattered the dike---

on craven carcasses we raised



Night and its stars are gone; the dark

is starless, still, looming and stark;

the sky is sliced, and tatters fall to



Lightening and thunder spur the sickel

that swings where it may, fierce and fickel;

and severed limbs litter the path to



Out of this slum, where dying whores

bleed out, the Grimoirist's have scores

to settle with great sacrifice in



they will achieve my destiny

to crush life's multiplicity

with death's dread unanimity---


Author's Notes/Comments: 

According to various sources, the play named in the title above has never been produced in its entirety, and the actual text can be found only certain libraries, where only the fewest scholars have been given access to it.  According to the legends that have grown up around it, the first act is disturbing gruesome; the second act has driven audiences into terrified hysteria; and the third act is so diabolical that even the most jaded actors have refused to.  The anonymous author is said to have chosen suicide after completing the drama, and was buried in unhallowed ground without benefit of clergy.  The play is said to have been staged in East London, August, 1888; in Petrograd, September, 1917; in Milan, September, 1922; and in Munich, November, 1923.

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Heart-stopping drama that

Heart-stopping drama that erupts in your skillful leaps of imagery, your breathtaking flights of language. A terrifying and stunning tale breaks forth, and it's amazing. 

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Thank you so much for reading

Thank you so much for reading the poem, and for understanding my intention.


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