Sibelius' Andante Festivo And Patriciajj's Poetry

The music neither rampages nor roams

in random rivulets.  Its subtlety

reminds me of quiet cosmology;

and that establishes its tangency

to her great oeuvre---starlit poetry,

that will outlast narrow obsequity:

and those who understand real inspiration

will always hold in deep appreciation

his gfited music and her gifted poems.



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As gorgeous and sublime as

As gorgeous and sublime as the music of this master, it would move me, deeply, whether or not I was included in the enchantment. I'm humbled and honored beyond words. 


Endless thanks. 

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I am glad to have found the

I am glad to have found the Sibelius Andante, not only for its beauty, but as something to which I can compare your poetry.  I was amazed at how, during the first two or three measures of the performance, the thought of your poems came into my mind unbidden.  That's how I knew two things:  that this would provide a comparison to your poems; cosmic aspect, and that I was meant to have found . . . even by random browsing.


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