+ 27.225 MHz 069: LXXVI; Response To Luke 23:39-43

He died in peace---that robber who repented.

Dread Death and Hell cried out, "His soul is ours."
But then a gentle Voice was, by them, heard

speaking---the Lord, regnant over all powers---
"Always I have the first and final Word
"over your spoiled intentions, all malign.
"That man trusted in me; thus, the right is mine

"to give to him full and assured Salvation;

"eternal paradise his destination.

"Of this, my Gospel makes full proclamation."

Since Christ's triumph, Death and Hell have resented

this unexpected, absolute truncation

of their tradition, and bewail their loss---

caused by God's Son, slain on a Roman cross.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The verb "slain" is borrowed from my mother's, and my, favorite hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross."

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