Yet Once More + 27.225: Wishes For Final Arrangements, 1

Januarian must be on my gravestone,

standing over my mundane name:

the appellation Jesus restored to me,

a gift, to be signed to my poetry;

not just the mundane name on which, truth be known,

my mocking parents and classmates poured shame,

mostly in hard words of profanity.

But, Lord, You intervened and have done

great things for me:

through the Orthodox Faith's Christian verity;

the grandeur of its Liturgy;

and the comfort of its spirituality.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

LEST I ALARM A CONCERNED OR KIND READER:  No jeopardy, of which I am aware, compels this poem.  Its content needs only to be put on the record---that I wished to be buried as Starward.  And with regard to this, I pray to the Lord in the words of the penitent thief in Luke 23.



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I completely understand your

I completely understand your wishes: a name is everything, especially when it has such spiritual significance, and it's never too early to makes arrangements. The candor and openness in your work helps readers connect, to relate, and that is an important quality in any form of writing. 

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Thanks for understanding the

Thanks for understanding the intention of this poem, and the others on which you have commented.  Your comments always encourage me, and validate for me that I have made the right decisions on what to post.  Thanks again for bringing brightness to what has turned out to be a most dreary and difficult day.


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