What You Do To Me

I can't explain why I lay awake at night

Or why I find my self crying

Or why I feel so worthless

I don't know why

I cant understand myself

Why I say the things I mean to say

And why I do the things I mean to do

I don't know why

Why am I frowning when I should be smiling?

And crying tears of sadness insted of happiness?

Why do I feel so much pain?

I don't know why

I am confused

Feel claustrophobic in wide open space

Takeing a free-fall off of a cliff

suspended inches from the jagged rocks

And I don't know why.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How I tend to feel when I'm around a certin male who is "said" to be my father.

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Reco Humphrey's picture

whew that was some stuff right there. bravo bravo!!!! It's probably the way I'll feel if I ever see the basterd they call my father. Only it might be cool to meet the other person whose blood flows through my veins. anyway great job. You really got me thinking