Pills Pills Pills

I just took 3...

Take a look in my eyes See how they affectin me

Relaxed and mellow

Everything seems a bit yellow

My eyes are glazed

And at my knowledge I'm amazed

I feel no pain

I can walk with out feeling the strain

But when the pain returns I'll pop a few more

Bring my mind to fly high and soar.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a knee operation.. so no I'm not a druggie, just using them as prescribed on the box. The pain ends with just a few pills... it's a nice feeling.

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Reco Humphrey's picture

very good reminds me of myself when I drank and smoked the chronic to escape from my troubles it would've been great if only the high lasted 4ever. Now I feel like I'm bucket naked facing the world and it fucking sucks.

jenn's picture

lol, sure robin, we know the truth about u n the pills...lol but yeah, its a cool poem, hope your leg gets better soon, english just isnt the same without u

Cat Deale's picture

Haha, too bad all our pain cant end on 3 little pills GET WELL SOON SCHMIDTY!! ~^^~