Soul mates

You stole my soul from this body
with such dreadful ease as you walked by
it floated away with you and half of it
refuses to come back to me.
I call, I call, but it stays with you;
I am halved, a quarter of a whole
this is why I seek you where ever you are
I feel closer to whole again.
Bring me back to me.
I can't stay where you are
it's not allowed till the infinte glorious aeon mesh.
You weren't supposed to walk so close.
You weren't supposed to live down the road;
Why couldn't you be like the others
on the otherside of the world with
astral travel dates,
an unconcious awareness
and just a hollow longing
with the soul locked up tight;
not a vengent reclaimation
a possession that just won't quit,
tearing me up at night!
An acknowledged
physical and spiritual connection
eye to eye
heart to heart
soul to soul
heat to heat
word for word
I've lost it for this life time haven't I?
It won't come home, its already there;
home is where you are isn't it?

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Moonshadow's picture

Aw that is beautiful!

Such a lovely way to put it! I wish I had a soul mate! Well one I knew of! You're so lucky! I would love to feel home with someone! Beautiful write!!!

Dont look for me, I'll find you ~Moonshadow