trecherous technology

Tedious technology
I tire of you.
Just when you earn my trust
Cruelly and more heartless than any villain
When I depend and need you with such
Passionate dire urgency coldly you erase me
Destroy me with mass failure to boot.
I implore you, I fondle you gently,
I shove at your refusual to spark. I vehemently deny
The obvious truth. You sit there coldly unaffected.
Your light is gone for me. Shut down paralysed
I sit and morn the passing of such a well mated
Child of labour and tediously try to reconstruct with another
Disillusioned faith. I call on pen and paper to rub it in your fac,e
And its a hollow victory. For I know too well you have won the war
When we crashed you took most of what I know with you
I try to delete it from my memory but its hard, driving me to
To fragmentation by a new updated version of you. I am in control, I am altered and all you did was delete and crash in to a fire wall. I will burn you for this
Trecherous troublesome mess! You Trojan horse of evil regretable investment
Of energy, hard work, and trust all gone and replaced with duress.

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